In the plural world of contemporary painting, Anita Püspök takes a characteristically individual path. She creates abstract works saturated with gestures with strong, luminous color construction, the sight of which, however, imediately arouses strong associations in the viewer. The picturesque world, light, laid-back and attractive at first sight constantly leads the viewer further towards the depths and heights, the roots of which lie in natural inspirations. Her dimensions are spacious, which does not achieve by seeing physical, natural laws, but by the spirituality of her images, their spiritual aura. Anita works reflect the current tensions ot he global world, the concept of sustainabilityis raised and made central by the artist in the metaphysical content of art. The interpretation of symbiosis is multidirectional. It wants to create a connection, an intertwining between nature and spirit, concern and harmony. Her achieves the dynamism of her paintings with perfect awareness of the use of acrylic, and she incorporates other characteristic material, which create intense textural effects.

Balázs Feledy
Art critic

Anita Püspök the artist, mostly paints lirical, abstract, nature inspired pictures. We can see many faces of nature in those paintings, where we can find blossoming, reflections, playing with the light and atmospheric effects. The viewer could easily fall into a symbiotic relationship with her paintings, because the meaning of colours not only gives visual experience, but also refill the soul. Since Anita Püspök’s art is typically abstract, the viewer has to open up and take time with the pictures to take it into and understand their essence.

“Understanding the world of contemporary art has two layers: the first what our eyes experiencing on the first sight, and our brains instinctly connects it with a naturalistic view. Second layer of interpretation when we look behind the surface, which needs an intellectual and emotional sensitivity.” Said Balázs Feledy art historian and writer on the opening of Symbiosis Exhibition. Which means, if we simply walk through an exhibition and quickly glance at the paintings, they won’t tell their secrets and meanings to us. But if we turn to them in true interest and will to understand the secrets we can experience a unique visual eye-opener.

The speciality of the exhibition at the House of Art Collectors, is that Anita Püspök’s series shows tradition and progression intertwining. The substance of these picture draws inspiration from nature, but none of them is landscape art in the classical way. The surface of her paintings really sensitive, with more than one layer, making an exciting invoice. These layers intricately cover each other with colour pairs, that in a symbiotic state makes the picture shine. The energetic gesture painting technique enhances the painting’s dynamics. The composition’s horizontal and vertical tone makes the exhibition viewing experience diverse. Observe also the paintings’ titles like “Synergy”, “Breath” or “Enigma”, which perceives the attachment to the emotions. The exhibition of Symbiosis belongs to the gesture like, colourist trend of contemporary art, which visual world mostly helps the mentioned emotional impact.

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