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Anita Püspök


I was born in Budapest in 1972, I have been living and working in Kapolcs for 11 years. I have a degree in painting and graphics from the Faculty of Arts of Eötvös Lóránd University, a master's degree in design and art management from the Metropolitan University, and a qualification in complex art therapy. I have worked in many creative fields as a set designer, visual designer, graphic artist.

Anita Püspök Artist

"The world is as delicate and as complicated as a spider's web, and like a spider's web, if you touch one thread, you send shudders running through all the other threads that make up the web"
Gerald Durrell

Mission: Calm and inspiring abstract lyrical landscapes, depth and distance, blooms, lights and harmonies in your home.

I grew up in Budapest city center, where the art was came over in my youth. I studied in many art schools, and I graduated from the University Arts Faculty Painting and Graphics  Department, then from University Metropolitan Design and Arts Management MA.

Since 1992, I have been participating in individual and group exhibitions, in my country and abroad.

My life and work is painting, in during which I looking for the most beautiful sound in the relationship between nature and spirit. Modern deep-lyrical abstract artworks are born, with the realistic elements and sensual color-game, what weave through gestures. I live and work in the Valley of Art, Kapolcs (Hungary), since 2010. Inspirational to me the landscape, the nature, the waters, the lights, and my favorite musics during my art working.

My artworks are owned by many collectors, galleries, and those are decorating homes.


2017- 2019. Budapest Metropolitan University – Design and Arts Management MASTER Degree
2013-2014. Complex Art Therapy accredited teacher training
2008-2011. ELTE-SEK Faculty of Arts, Budapest/ Painting-Graphics
2006-2007. SZIE Faculty of Architecture, Budapest
2005-2006. Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts – Regional Talent Research Program
1993-1994.  Designer and Decorator Vocational School

Art awards

2009. Art Association Pilis Radnoti competition
2009. KIEM main prize Radnoti competition
2009. Panton’s main prize „Beauty in Man”
2009. Jozsef Attila Art Center – First 100
2014. Goldsmith Arts Association Main prize
2017. Amadeus Art Awards Unilever

2019. “Symbiosis” Exhibition Opening

Location: Műgyűjtők Háza Gallery and Auction House, Budapest

The exhibition was opened by art critic and writer Balázs Feledy (recording in Hungarian)

The life and creed of Anita Püspök, a painter and art therapist. Presenter: Ágnes Csányi

Radio Halas / The interview was conducted by Ágnes Csányi / 30 min./ 08 August 2019, Thursday 10.30 (recording in Hungarian)

In an interview made in her own studio at the Kapolcs Festival, we learn exciting things about the life and artistic career of Anita Püspök

Listen Audio


Experience painting with the diverse tools of art, joint and individual creations with different techniques, exciting, creative games.
Children get to know and experience the many expressive tools of the fine arts - graphic, painting, sculptural - in nature and in the studio. Drawing and painting classes with art therapy method
(website in Hungarian)

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Anita Püspök • Creation • The harmony of painting and music

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